Hiddennode – Episode 62 – Out On The Rim

Today I talk from the loading dock and the back car deck in a two part recording session. It’s a little noisy but it was nice to break from my normal routine. I talk a bit about a minor writing project today and a little about the TDC updates.

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Talking about warframe, check out the 2013 trailer:


Hiddennode – Episode 61 – Removed Spaces

Some major changes are coming down the pipe in my life, changes I’m prompting. I’m hopeful for the future but it’s going to take my actions and choices to back up that path if I want to make it happen. Today I talk about the first steps.

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Enjoying some Minecraft inspired music:


Hiddennode – Episode 60 – Dealing With “It”

First post-Dog Days of Podcasting episode. Today we talk a bit about what’s going on in my head and why I trailed off at the end of the DDoP. The episode covers some heavy topics for me and if you’re looking for a happy show, this episode isn’t it. I drop a warner before the episode in case you’re still not sure.

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Some of the tunage I’m listening to right now:


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Modern Simulation – 26

I sleepily talking about cooking today, and then get back to a talk on modern gaming and thoughts on the decrease of gaming versus casual gaming.

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Today’s video is a trailer for a great recent game showing that you don’t need the best graphics to be awesome: Cave Story.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Podcastinating – 25

Talking about my own podcast projects over the years. What happened to them, why they failed, why they succeeded, and which ones are still alive.

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Today’s video has nothing to do with the podcast, just an awesome video of a guy finding himself through gaming, when his body can no longer act.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – MMO’s and Imagechaos – 24

Today I have Andrew Eckhart on to talk about MMO’s, and the game we met in, Champions Online. Take a trip down memory lane as we discuss role-playing drama and evolution of communities.

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Today’s link is Andrew’s Book, The Last Mage: The Interview, available on Kindle.

Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – F7 Lans – 23

So, the comments made in this episode are tied closely to my view points. They are focused on what was once a great awesome growing community, F7lans. Since their splintering in 2010 to F7lans and Gibbed Gaming, they haven’t quite been able to bounce back.

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Hey, check out this episode of the F7 webcast, by Duffers and Longcat. They took over things after the F7 Podcast went defunct. I miss listening to their antics.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – It’s a Podcast – 21

Listening to this episode makes me want to go relisten to Wingin’ It.

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No video, but look, I did find a Way With Words show. It’s still a thing! http://www.waywordradio.org/

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