Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – It’s a Podcast – 20

Listening to this episode makes me want to go relisten to Wingin’ It.

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No video, but look, I did find a Way With Words show. It’s still a thing!


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Among The Communities – 20

Being the oldest member of the group put me in a weird position during 2006-2007 years, when most of the members were still younger than 21, many even under 18. Those years I felt the need to act more like a mature role-model than I do now, as I felt almost parental in my concerns and hopes for the kids we gamed with. I like to think they turned out just as messed up as the rest of us did.

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Today’s video is Dakota’s and Andrew’s gameplay of Horde.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Emerald Dreams – 19

In 2006 the gaming group ran a private server of a certain popular MMO. Running the game with a small group was a lovely experience that slowly decayed through a loss of developmental focus.

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Today’s video is the Game Grumps playing PT, which has nothing to do with the podcast episode.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Dystopia and Becoming Null – 18

I started using the handle Nulloperations in the fall of 2005. I picked the name when I started to play the Half-Life 2 Mod Dystopia. TIme in this group was a mix of wide eyed optimism that became group elitism that helped the game become less and less popular. The reaction to the large gaming community Tactical Gamer helped show off just how much the Dys community pushed away new players who could help keep the game alive.

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Today’s video is the Dystopia Tutorial.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Hurricane – 17

The back third of 2005 was a mix of emotions, connections, and life altering craziness. Today’s episode covers the in real life part of those months, and how gaming connections affected those times.

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Today’s video is something to try and make you smile, cause life comes at you like a hurricane here in Duckburg.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Cocooning – 15

The Specialist RP was the lynch pin to the community I keep now. It’s the birth place of my friendship to David Drury, and the mad cat crazies that followed in the wake of that friendship.

I forgot to mention in the episode how much the main The Specialist community didn’t care for the RP community. Always was a funny point of contention that really showed off just how young the community was.

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The Specialist RP 3.0 trailer, such craziness.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Pulling Inward – 14

Getting into The Sims Online started me off in getting into long term community commitment. The 2002 game sparked the eventual long term goal of getting into online communities.

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Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – Regret-Box – 13

Buying the xbox when I did may have been the biggest financially irresponsible thing I did in my young adult years. It was only the tip of the iceberg of things I screwed up during the early 2000′s.

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It’s not us, but this brings back memories of that LAN party.


Dog Days Of Podcast 2014 – PS2 At UNO – 12

Today we start a more personal look at the world of gaming and it’s impact on my life. We’re starting in 2001/2002 and I gotta warn you the next couple of episodes cover a time in my life I’m not happy with.

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No video today. Just remember to hug someone you love.

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