Dog Days Of Podcasting,

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August 07, 2017

Dog Days Of Podcasting 2017

Episode 07

Warning, today’s episode is a little gross as we discover what happens when one of my cats gets into some roses.

For those who want more info: Our cats have, in general, been not interested in plants we’ve brought in. The last one who was really interested in them, Xavier, stopped about 6-12 months ago. Turns out Bridget suddenly sparked an interest in them and over the weekend got into some roses Patty got for her birthday. Bridgy has had some interesting… movements… since then and we finally figured out it was the flowers. We’ve removed them, cleaned up the mess, and are keeping an eye on her. She seems to be just fine. Happy, perky, good drinking and eating habits, just the kitty diarrhea. We’re still going to be cautious and make sure our little girl is doing okay over the next couple of days.


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DDoP is a celebration of podcasting started by Kreg Steppe to get himself back into the podcasting groove. He had a bunch of cool folks who wanted to jump back in to and here we are six years later doing it again. It’s fun, it’s a blast, and you really should go over to to read his much better description of the work. While you’re there check out the other shows taking part in the challenge, sign up for the challenge itself (nothing wrong starting a little behind), and give folks some feedback on the coolness they provide.

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